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B2C mall to promote the six-pulse Sword

Two days ago, saw a post in the forum: "B2C should not be in Taobao, Baidu has ah business", that particularly interesting, showing that even in times of economic crisis, failed to block the users of the e-commerce concerns, the author has been very interested in the development of B2C mall, has been that e-commerce is the inevitable trend of development of the Internet, then as now Gaode how hot B2C mall promotion, to share with you here to promote methods of B2C mall, I called B2C Mall to promote the six-pulse magic sword.

1, Yang Jian Business

Yang Jian is characterized by commercial cleverly flexible, unpredictable, waiting for you to fathom, you have to be soft to, and this is what I talked about the promotion of soft paper.

Soft paper is rigid in terms of advertising, is called a soft paper lies in its subtlety of a "soft", which is like needle hidden in cotton, to close and not exposed, then beat the opposition in the invisible. Wait until you find it is a soft paper, you have to fall into a cold stare was not designed too "soft text ads" trap. It is in pursuit of a salutary influence, coming softly communication effect. The soft paper writing can be a matter of opinion, freedom to play. Soft paper was written, the promotion is also key, there are many more good domestic soft-text publishing platform, of course, the forum is also a good promotion channels.

Second, less red sword

Characterized by small red light and agile sword quickly, which is fast, do faster? The answer was: feature.

For the promotion of products or brands to collect large numbers of articles, information in its own platform in about 10 updates every day; the same time, you can choose and telecommunications, techweb other blog topic to open this blog, such as "How to buy a digital camera" blog. If excerpts from other web site article, be sure to look for change for change first hand, the article identifies your site to join words, the article needs to be repeated more emergent or brand name goods.

Third, small business Sword

Small business is characterized by the sword Jian Road in bold relief, quite a ground-breaking, big wind and rain to the potential, a momentum that is to say, when many of our mall site has information on other web users can often see our information, will enhance the mall's influence and the users of the mall's approval, this is what I want to talk about using third-party information platform.

Net purchases of third-party platform gathered a large number of consumer groups, do these platforms will be very effective advertising divisions, such as Tesco egou network, Golden Abacus 100 000 000 Jubilee network, including the forum for these sites also can be a good use In addition, members of these platforms can also offer tailor-made programs and to release the platform must be able to produce unexpected results. In addition to this charge platform, currently the network has also appeared in many professional online store Category search sites, such as 520 online shopping navigation, doing quite well, good navigation can bring a lot of customers source.

Fourth, the red sword

Features in the red sword throw open the doors, imposing male step, has to be very relaxed, collected rope, promotion, too, is more powerful combination.

And other types of B2C mall cooperation (the same target audience, but the operation different products), engage in joint marketing effects can play a different, complementary nature of the mall to find as much as possible, this method author blog ( in introduced, such as photo books and digital cameras store monopoly cooperation, digital Class B2C sites and home consumer cooperation. Hang in each other's page the other recommended product; also launched packages. For example, in site purchase any additional 15 yuan a cell phone can get the value of a shopping network offers 180 yuan a Philips shaver. In addition, the joint can be a way to promote smart, which means you can find a site, promote it to your product, and you do not have to on their goods. Also, if one-way, then you are looking for cooperation partners jointly launched the product must be its own unit price of goods higher than yours. The purpose of the joint promotion is to sell merchandise, attract attention, and spread word of mouth (non-traffic), since only one goal to achieve on it.

V. Chong Jian Guan

Guan Chong Jian were characterized by the humble simplicity delay to win promotion at the time to do the network, but also using our traditional look simple but effective method: for gifts.

Joint marketing activities and product giveaways somewhat similar, but can co-operate more widely in scope, not only can the class with B2C sites, but also with WEB2.0 class, the class forums, information sites like cooperation, etc., the simple run. Putting this simply means we provide gifts to a family Web site, a site visit by certain rules of play to give the user the gift. In this way the brand is mainly broadcast degree, to attract users to register, gather popularity, the best three goals to be achieved. Provide gifts and small pieces of the main, to be beautiful, to have the site logo.

6, less Ze-Jian

Ze is characterized by a small sword suddenly to suddenly go, subtle changes, that is I want to combine online and offline promotion, and down, two-pronged approach.

Online Shopping Mall to promote a lot of emphasis on online promotion only, while ignoring the specific effectiveness of the promotion line. Online promotion of the plane of the target audience is unlimited, but the target audience can not truly feel your presence will be hard not to feel fear, it is necessary both online and offline, "Clean Sweep." For example, a web business selling game cards through posters and other forms of Internet cafes in the same city's major line promotion, online promotion as an important supplement.

When the e-business step by step toward maturity, C2C market, and Baidu Taobao battle it loggerheads, B2C online mall will quietly rise in online shopping is eyeing the market, which will change the whole structure of domestic e-commerce market.

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