Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lei Jun 16, served its purpose and his successor in suspense for the moment

Dec. 21, yesterday afternoon, Jinshan announced in Beijing, based on health reasons, resigned from Kingsoft Lei Jun, CEO and CTO positions at the same time, raise the board Kingsoft Wang Donghui, vice president and CFO, Vice President Ge Ke, Zou Tao, Senior Vice President of Strategy Committee was established by Lei Jun, will serve as the Board Strategy Committee Chairman, Qiu Bojun the agent of the company's chief executive.

Jinshan to who will succeed CEO, Qiu Bojun said, "It is not clear from the internal promotion or from external airborne, are possible." Claim, according to the official Board of Directors has approved Jinshan set up a special committee responsible for selecting the next CEO, members of the by a Qiu Bojun, Lei Jun etc., chaired by the LEI.

According to industry forecasts, although the current senior vice president and COO Ren CEO succession a high possibility, but given the current Kingsoft online games sector within the software industry and the relative antagonism, the greater the possible successor will be chosen in an external CEO, to balance The relationship between the various departments. "In the future, whether it is who should be the next CEO, Jinshan will continue to be along the board to formulate development strategies in both applications and online games industry forward, both hands grasp with both hands." Qiu Bojun so much stress.

Kingsoft Lei Jun joined the company in early 1992, another 15 days it will serve 16 years in Jinshan, October 9, 2007 its leading Jinshan listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Lei Jun scene, concedes that the reasons for resignation, "Gold Mountain has entered a highly stable new phase of sustained growth. I can not express the pressure, Jinshan IPO, I also had the total for helping his career seeking to honor the commitment of investors. I am dressing After four weeks, or physical and mental exhaustion. If such a state again as CEO, will live up to our expectations. the future I just swap jobs, or work of transformation, I will continue to serve as vice chairman, to focus the company's long-term strategic management. "

Kingsoft Lei Jun, chairman Qiu Bojun spoke highly of the "Lei Jun 92, joined Gold Peak since 16 years now, especially in the 98 years as the company's daily management of the top leaders began after 9 years, Lei Jun has been in the hard working, painstaking to overload at work, Kingsoft subsistence from a small workshop with international influence into listed companies, this period is really hard to pay can not express. This is not only to lead the company during the entire Lei Jun Staff worked hard, but also face the pressures of society, took eight years after the 5-listed process. In recent years, Lei Jun led the management team not only completed the arduous task of listing, but also for the Jinshan online games made a perfect layout, implementation of the software business, especially a comprehensive Internet antivirus business transformation. to take off after Jinshan has laid a solid foundation. Therefore the Board of Directors Lei Jun 16-year hard work, given the high degree of evaluation: spared no efforts in power in Jinshan. "

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